God has been so good to us. I thank Him for how He has been working in our services. I just wanted to stop for a minute and say a big thank you.

He has blessed us with visitors on a regular basis. Our attendance has been growing steadily. We have had wonderful music in every service. We had a beautiful time Sunday night with the Lord’s supper.

I thought last night of the blessings of having our members serving God in different parts of the world–Travis and Teri Snode in Northern Ireland, Julio and Joy Soncco in Peru, Micah Smith and family in Peru, Chris and Andria Gardner traveling around the States right now, and Mark and Natasha getting ready to start deputation.

I thought about the blessing of having Rollan, Renee, Audrey, and Lauren Roberts in our church for the last year and how we will miss them as they move back to Florida.

God has been so good to us as a church. I thank Him for all that He is doing and hope you do as well.

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