Kenneth Ralph sent me the following poem and I thought you might enjoy it!

By Ken Blue

The congregation was seated; everyone was in his place
And just before the sermon, I saw a message on each face

Here sits a woman with cancer; her apprehension is known to none
Perhaps I can ease her fears by exalting God’s suffering Son
There are families in this service from far and distant lands
Jesus too was a stranger; their rejection, He understands
There are others with no income, unemployed and poorly fed
Jesus identifies with them; He had no place to lay His head
There are lonely senior citizens, who will return to an empty home
My I convince them, Jesus will never leave them alone
To my right is a single mother with three children in her care

Let this sermon reassure her, she has a loving family here

There’s a teenager with a secret; she’s too ashamed to make in known
May this congregation help her and never cast a stone
Here stands this inept preacher before the souls gathered in this place
I pray this sermon will be the answer to the needs seen on each face

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