Update on our missionary Aaron

This is from his blog. I just want you all to know and to be praying.

Had another surgery today in Cincinnati U. Hospital. This time they found that my bronchial tube was partially collapsed and the scar tissue had grown back but not as much as before. So they cut it out, again, and opened up my bronchial tube, again. Doc says that they’ll need to do it again in two months. So, I’ll be flying to North Africa on the 5th of September and then back again for this surgery. Doc says after that I’ll need another surgery six months later and then again six months after that. She is fairly certain that after that series we should be ok. Not sure how comforting that is. I am a little sedated right now so forgive me if this seems incoherent. Bottom line: I am still “on the way” to complete recovery though not there yet.

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