Getting excited about our Missions Conference

I am sure that you know this and already have it on your calendar but I wanted to remind you. We will be having our World Vision Celebration (annual mission’s conference) September 18-21. It is going to be a very exciting time. We will have special missionaries here with us! Each of you will have special ministries and things to accomplish during this week.

I was talking to the pastor here where David and Stephanie Velke will get married tomorrow. After the rehearsal the pastor, Tim Butler, Victory Baptist Church in Charleston, SC, his wife Jenny, Chris Gardner, and Betty and I went out to eat. We talked about world evangelism.

We heard stories of how he has traveled to other countries and God has challenged his heart. We saw the tears come repeatedly to his eyes. I thought of each of you and the wonderful privilege we have to give to missions. He spoke of how his church gave so sacrificially with no one that was really able to do much. All I could think of was all that you have done and how much more we could do!

I hope you will mark your calendar and be praying for our conference. You will be eating with the missionaries, having a time of fellowship, praying, and learning more about what you can do to make a difference around the world.

I can’t wait! This will be our best conference ever!

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