Glorifying God

Thomas Watson

We glorify God by believing. ‘Abraham was strong in faith, giving glory to God’ (Rom. 4:20). Unbelief affronts God, it gives him the lie; ‘he that believeth not, maketh God a liar’ (1 John 5:10). But faith brings glory to God; it sets to its seal that God is true (John 3:33). He that believes flies to God’s mercy and truth, as to an altar of refuge; he engarrisons himself in the promises, and trusts all he has with God. ‘Into thy hands I commit my spirit’ (Ps. 31:5). This is a great way of bringing glory to God, and God honours faith, because faith honours him. It is a great honour we do to a man when we trust him with all we have, when we put our lives and estates into his hand; it is a sign we have a good opinion of him. The three children glorified God by believing. ‘The God whom we serve is able to deliver us, and will deliver us’ (Dan. 3:17). Faith knows there are no impossibilities with God, and will trust him where it cannot trace him.

I want to believe Him. He will meet my needs. He will do what is best. I can trust Him and I will. Let us step forward by faith in obedience to whatever He wants us to do. I know that you too want to glorify Him.

2 thoughts on “Glorifying God”

  1. God really used these quotes to impact me. That is obviously the reason that I posted them. I know that often I do not live for His glory but mine. I was really moved to become more the person that I should be

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