Special Thank You’s

I wanted to thank the church for their very great kindness to Betty and me yesterday. Thank you for the kind words you spoke at the park. Thank you for the very generous love offering. Thank you every Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday that we heard yesterday. You are a wonderful group of people.

I thank God for the privilege of pastoring such a wonderful group of people. I thank God for each of you and literally dream of you and all that God is going to do with us for His honor and glory.

I loved preaching yesterday and seeing how God worked and moved in Joseph’s life and how I know that He can do that in your life. I loved preaching last night on New Testament giving and how God works in our lives.

I want to thank Jared Twigg for his time with us as an intern. Jared you are a blessing and I really think that God is going to do great things with your life. Thank you for all the time, work, prayers, etc. Thank you for coming and being a blessing to our church.

Thank you to all of you that did so much to make the day in the park a success. You are a wonderful bunch of servants of God and I appreciate you.

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