I can’t resist

I just have to show you how skinny I was and how cool we were!

This was the new sport’s coat and tie that a man in our first church had just given me!

Here are the original six in a group in Peru

Another anniversary in another country where roses are much cheaper than here–she got 360 roses I think it was–one for every month of marriage at the 30 year mark!

Well Baby I just wanted you to know that I love you and all of the church people just had to put up with a very personal couple of posts!

2 thoughts on “I can’t resist”

  1. Brother Garnder,
    Thanks for sharing these pictures. I see the photo of your family and think “How awesome!” that each of your kids grew up and is serving God. I pray for the same for my five.
    Also, what a great sportscoat and tie, but what I realy want to know is where did you get those red dress pants?

  2. God is so good and all that I can do is thank HIm and praise Him. The same guy bought me the whole outfit. Looks pretty bad doesn’t it. Well just give it 35 years and we will ask the young people about the clothes you are currently wearing. You will have to ask however because I will be too old –like 89 if I am living

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