God’s glory

Thomas Watson’s lesson

We aim at God’s glory when we are content to be outshined by others in gifts and esteem, so that His glory may be increased. A man that has God in his heart, and God’s glory in his eye, desires that God should be exalted; and if this be effected, let who will be the instrument, he rejoices. ‘Some preach Christ of envy: notwithstanding, Christ is preached, and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice’ (Phil. 1:5); they preached Christ of envy, they envied Paul that concourse of people, and they preached that they might outshine him in gifts, and get away some of his hearers: well, says Paul, Christ is preached, and God is like to have the glory, therefore I rejoice; let my candle go out, if the Sun of Righteousness may but shine.

I have been jealous. I have wanted the bigger ministry and to be the one that is recognized. What a beautiful and biblical thought. I am just glad that the Lord God of Heaven is magnified. I am willing to be out shined by others. This is the idea of building our brother’s name. I have not been very good at that. I want to praise God for the way others are used and blessed!

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