Glorifying God in our lives!

I want to glorify God with my life. I want Him to be pleased with me! Over the next few days I want to share with you some ways that we can glorify God with our lives and then you can think of more. These were written by Thomas Watson but I will be adding a little commentary from my heart with several of them.

We aim at God’s glory, when we are content that God’s will should take place, though it may cross ours. Lord, I am content to be a loser, if thou be a gainer; to have less health, if I have more grace, and thou more glory. Let it be food or bitter physic if thou givest it me. Lord, I desire that which may be most for thy glory. Our blessed Saviour said, ‘Not as I will, but as thou wilt’ (Mat. 26:39). If God might have more glory by his sufferings, he was content to suffer. ‘Father, glorify thy name’ (John 12:28).

God’s will is much more important than my will. I have a real problem with this. Most of the time I want God to do what will make me the happiest, proudest, most admired, etc. I seldom seek that He be glorified no matter what happens. I want this to be my new thought. I want to be willing to be a loser to honor Him. I want to fail if it brings Him more glory. That is hard for me to even type but that is what I am understanding from this and I think it is right!

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