Another Urgent Prayer Request

The following came in an email from Pastor Wayne Cofield. Brother Dunlop called me and asked me if we would be willing to take an offering for him. I want you to read this letter and then over the next couple of Sundays I would like to take an offering to help the Dunlops. There are lots of people hurting that need our prayers and help. I believe the Dunlops are very deserving of all we can do for them.

A very dear friend of ours needs your prayer support. Ed Dunlop is a Child Evangelist and Author, and is busy in Meetings most of the year. His wife, Janice, had breast cancer surgery in December of 2005. She has been on a very strict nutrition program and has seen some of the best Nutritionists in the country. Her body is very healthy, but the cancer is now in Stage 4. The doctors have told her that it is probably too late for surgery, and they have given her 1 week to 5 months to live.

God has used them for many years to win and influence scores of people for Christ (they have also been very influential in our own Ministry). Brother Ed has had to cancel Meetings to come home and take care of his wife. These Meetings are their basic source of income, so they are in great need at this time. We know that God is in control and He will provide according to His perfect will. Please join us in praying for these precious folks, that God would provide for their health needs, as well as their financial needs.

PS. If you would like to contact them you can send an e-mail to or you can send a letter to:
Ed and Janice Dunlop
342 Meadow Green Drive
Ringgold, GA 30736

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From Ed Dunlop Ministries Web Site ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
We would ask for your prayers as we continue to battle Jan’s cancer. On December 21, 2005, she had surgery in which a tumor and 12 lymph nodes were removed. Tumors have come back. In June we visited a specialist in North Carolina for three days of testing. At the final consultation he told us that we are not winning the battle. He recommends an immediate mastectomy, which Jan cannot bring herself to do.

The second week of July, Janice had a bone scan and chest X-ray and then a consultation with our family doctor. Dr. Sherman told her that she is Stage 4. Please pray for wisdom as we seek the right treatment. May God be glorified as we seek His will.

August 6, 2008 Update

Janice has been accepted as a patient at the St. Joseph Medical Center in Mexico, just across the border from Del Rio, Texas. She and I will be traveling to Texas some time in the next 5 or 6 days. Please pray for wisdom as we determine whether we should drive or fly; Jan’s arm could be adversely affected if we make the wrong choice. Pray for God’s direction as the doctors determine the best course of treatment. Pray for wisdom as I decide which meetings I need to cancel. Pray that God will draw us close together as we go through this trial, and that He will be glorified
in all that transpires.

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