Coming Preachers

Missionary Chris Gardner will be preaching tomorrow night! He is your missionary and so I hope you plan to be here and hear him! Andria will sing for us also.

Delmas Knight will be with us tomorrow evening and take a few minutes to present the ministry of BEAMs ministry. We support this ministry and you will love it when you hear what God is doing with them to get Bibles to the world.

On August 21st Pastor Kenneth Cofer, Sandy Pearson’s dad, will be preaching. He is going to share with us the great blessings of God and how He answers prayer.

God has really been blessing the church. This past Sunday we saw great blessings as the summer is ending and yet God is keeping our attendance strong.

Please pray about two things–our mission’s offerings are low and we need to pray that God provide all that we need to continue supporting our missionaries.

We also need to raise about $30,000 to pay off all of our debt. Wouldn’t it be great to be totally debt free. God can meet this need. I am asking Him to allow us to see a miracle! Will you pray with me?

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