The Life of Joseph

This past Thursday night we began a new series on the life of Joseph from the book of Genesis. It is an exciting study of how God gives a man a dream or calling and then works that out in his life. The story takes us from the top when he is so excited about getting the dream from God through all the agonies of defeat as God prepares to bring it all to pass in his life.

Though you aren’t Joseph and in many ways you might think his story doesn’t apply to you–it really does. Joseph like you had many dreams. They were good dreams and even dreams from God. He shows you the right attitude to have when things are going wrong. He shows you the right attitude to have when there is opposition. He will teach you character.

The book of First Peter was wonderful. I loved watching how God works in our lives in the fiery trials that we face. Now we see them actually taking place in the life of a real man.

Don’t miss what the Word of God has for you. Be faithful to the Sunday morning and evening services. Come on Thursday nights. You need the Word of God and His working in your life.

Tonight I will preach on the Grace of Giving as part of our discipleship lessons. It will be a good time because you will see what God teaches about money. We hear that every service with a very good lesson, though short, from John but tonight you will get an entire message. It will probably be the first of two but I think that you will enjoy it and grow from it.

I am excited about what God is doing in our church. He has blessed our attendance through the summer. We are headed into fall and it is now time to get to work hard to reach all that we can with the gospel message. I hope you will invite your friends. I hope that you are praying for lost people that they will come to know Jesus.

I hope that you pray for me that God will use me. I need His power to be the preacher and pastor that God wants me to be.

I can never express my love and appreciation for all of you in words. I am honored that I am allowed to be your pastor. I am honored that you come and serve God in and through Vision Baptist church. I know that many of you are going through hard times right now. I try to pray for each of you every day. I want you to know that I love you. Let me know what else I can do to help you.

God bless each of you and I am looking forward to a blessed day together.

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