Santiago, Chile

God is blessing the work here in great ways. Yesterday I had the privilege to go with 39 people mostly young people to the top of a mountain here and talk about our responsibility to get the gospel to the world.

Today I will be privileged to teach Sunday School and preach in the morning and the evening. I am excited to be here in this very blessed ministry. There remains yet much to be done but there is at least a toe hold now.

I am praying that God will allow them to start more churches and see the gospel extend more and more.

Pray for Andrew Pearson today and also Natasha T. Natasha appears to have some sort of infection and has gone to the ER.

Andrew has had or will be having soon the first of several surgeries on his foot. He and Holly really need our love and prayers right now and I want to thank each of you for how you have been helping them and been a blessing to them.

Pray for me in these last few hours here. I will preach today and travel tomorrow night. Lord willing I will be home on Tuesday morning and then spend some time with Tyler Masters before he flies out to Peru.

Then I have plans to be with my grandkids for a Happy Day celebration. That is the day we celebrate their official adoption date into our family.

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