Please be in prayer for Andrew Pearson

Andrew Pearson is a fine man and I think all of you know him. He operates the camera in most of the services. He was injured in a motorcycle accident a few days ago. He needs our prayers. Here is a letter he sent out. Will you pray for him please?!

Just an update, the doctor called today and I have to have another surgery before the end of next week. It is a very specialized surgery and the specialist is not under my health insurance. I don’t know very much about it but I know it is a microvascular surgery and grafting to repair my heel pad and the skin which was torn off in the accident. As a result of this surgery they say I will be in the hospital (emory crawford long) for “several” weeks. I also wanted to say thanks to everyone who has stopped by. You guys have been great friends and a great help to me and I really appreciate it. Please keep praying and thanks again.

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