Pray for Jason Holt


Jason Holt has written an article that you need to read that speaks of the needs to have more preachers in Chile. Though sometimes we think of these countries as evangelized or Christian they are far from believing in the Lord Jesus Christ as their only means of salvation.

Satan has turned their hearts to idols and to substitute gods. Please pray for the Holt family and the great work that God is doing in and through them.

1 thought on “Pray for Jason Holt”

  1. Derik Lawrence

    That’s a great picture of Jason’s congregation and church there…that must have been a low day…there is still room on the platform for a few more!!

    On a serious note, what a nice facility which is leading so many souls astray…may the Lord bless their work as well as send more to their field. Maybe God will send one of our people there one day.

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