Report of the Peru Venezuela World Evangelism Committee

The team that represents our missionaries in Peru and Venezuela held their first meeting last night. Ten of our committee members and five of our missionaries were able to attend. We had a wonderful time of food, fellowship and a great first meeting. It was good to have Chris Gardner, David and Katie Gardner and Jeremy and Rebekah Hall with us.

Even though many of us know each other and have been good friends for a while, not everyone knew each other’s background or testimony. We spent the first 30 minutes letting each of the members of the team give their testimony or just introduce themselves. It was great to hear each individual experience of the greatest thing we share in common. Our relationship to Jesus Christ. After the team introduced themselves and gave their testimonies, we listened to each of our missionaries that attended and their wives talk about their call to the ministry and what God was doing in their lives.

Keeping in contact: Keeping in contact is one of the best ways to form close relationships with our misisonaries. They are part of our mandate from the Savior to get the gospel to the world. We are not merely supporters, we are teamates in the great commission. Kathryn Pearson spoke about the different ways the Peru-Venezuela team has developed to keep in touch with the 8 mission works on which we focus. We have developed a list of all the names, kids, birthdays, anniversaries, address etc., and all the vital information as well as a prayer page that has their photo and a brief description of their ministry. It is critical to the success of the missionary effort that we pray for them each day and get involved in their lives.

Mission Conference: After a chance to get to know each other better, we discussed the upcoming mission conference. A good friend of mine use to quote Oswald Smith’s line all the time. “A mission conference is a business meeting of the church to determine the fate of the world.” September 18th-21st at Vision Baptist Church. The PV team will be decorating, hosting and helping raise money for the mission works we will focus on in the conference.

Training Ground: Probably the most important thing we discussed was the fact that Vision Baptist Church was started to be a training center for world evangelism. We are to look at all we are and have and ask God how He wants us involved. Each and every thing we do as a church and as indivuduals should be aligned with God’s purpose for us. We should look at our young people as future missionaries and our adults as team mates in the mission.

Take a trip: Two of our team members are already ticketed to go to Peru in October. Rhonda Gibby and her sister are going as well as Sam Paxin. They will come back with a different perspective. If you can’t afford a trip this year then put away a few dollars a week and plan for next year. I encouraged all to plan a trip.

Next meeting will be in August and will be detailed planning for the upcoming mission conference. If you would like to recieve the weekly update on the mission works in Peru and Venezuela, be a part of the PV team or get either the missions or business quote of the day, please email me.

by John Pearson

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