Asia World Evangelism Committee report

Thought I would give you a report on the Asia World Evangelism
Committee. We met Sunday night after church and had a real good time
discussing what we were doing, and could do, in Asia.

We read, outloud, and discussed the prayer letters of the missionaries
that we have there and it was very encouraging.

Brian McClain is doing a great job on deputation on his way to
Thailand. He mentioned that he had picked up 12 churches in the last
2 months. Seems like he is busting it and the Lord is blessing.

We read of what Jake was doing in China and the church just
exploding. Then just after the meeting we saw the pictures of him
baptizing. Very exciting, and he is coming back for the Missions

Mark was also in the meeting and told us about his plans for
leaving. He told us that he already has his website, brochures, and
office set up ready to get started. Said that he is starting part
time deputation in September and full-time starting in January. Of
course, the baby is coming too.

Daniel Flemming is also coming back to the states for a while for
citizenship paperwork for his kids, but his ministry is going well.

Josh Ewing is having a good problem running out of space in
Indonesia. Running English classes and working on starting up a Bible

There is lots more, but we prayed for all of them, and are both
excited and burdened about what is happening in Asia, and how we as a
church are involved. It was a good meeting and we scheduled another
one at the Gardner’s Monday, August 4th at 7pm.

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