Eventful Week at Vision Baptist Church

God really blessed this week! David Lundy and his team worked so hard this week to reach young boys and girls with the gospel message. God gave us 5 professions of faith, an average attendance in the mid 80’s and a tremendous team working together to honor God.

Every night the church was filled with people. Lessons could be heard being taught all over the building. Crafts, games, puppets, Bible lessons, and much more. God is so good and I am so proud of all of you for what you have done.

God gave us 2 vans recently and they were used every night to bring people and God gave new people again this year.

The only downside to the week was that Andrew Pearson had an accident on his motorcycle, was in the hospital and so he and Holly missed all that they would have done for the week. But Andrew is going to be fine so even that turned into a blessing.

God is so good to us! I thank God for the privilege of working with each of you and I thank you for all that you did this week to teach and preach Jesus. Thank you to all those who visited, invited, taught, served, prayed, gave and more that I do not know about.

I loved it that we were able to have the Spanish and English church together on Thursday night. That made for an exciting service at least for me.

I love it that the church was so full that Reformers Unanimous took over my office on Friday night. Isn’t it great to be part of a church that is so busy doing so much to try to get the gospel to the world.

Thank you to every one of you. I love you and pray for you. See you in the morning to rejoice in all that God has done with us.

2 thoughts on “Eventful Week at Vision Baptist Church”

  1. I wanted to thank you for allowing me to help out during VBS. GOD has blessed me with so many friends there, I love your church. I wish you luck during your “evangelistic tour”, may GOD use you wherever you are, Brother Plate!!!

  2. You are a tremendous blessing to our church and the Lord’s work. Our people love and appreciate you very much. You are always such an encouragement and blessing. Thank you very much

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