Vision Bible Institute

I want to invite you now to prepare to take courses in the Bible Institute starting in just a few days.

Our starting date is August 11 and will go through December 2

Each class will last one hour or 50 minutes and will be serious college level Bible study with home work and all.

Our course will be held at the facility of Vision Baptist Church and the instructors are volunteering their time. Which means we are able to provide great, college level courses for only…

1. Enrollment into V.B.I. ($25)
2. Entry into each course ($17)
3. Expense of text books ($10-$15)

Which means you would be able to attend a full semester of Vision Bible Institute for approximately $150.

If you can’t pay talk to someone in the office and we will see about a payment plan!

Following is a list of the courses that we will be offering, a description and the professor. I really believe that this will be good for everyone:

Fall Course Descriptiion
Shepherding a Childs Heart
Taught by Mark Coffey
This course will help the student to minister to children in their life situations. Attention is given to teaching children to worship and pray, relating theological concepts and Biblical truths to children, identifying social influences which affect children, and understanding the unique spiritual needs of children.

Laws of the Teacher and Learner
Taught by Mark Tolson
Your passion for educating others will be rekindled as you learn how to motivate people to learn the Word of God. The best Bible teachers are those who are most diligent in their Bible study. Learn how to be a better “teacher” and “learner”.

Financial Freedom
Taught by John Pearson
God has called us to be good stewards of all the resources he has given us. This includes how we manage our money. Learn how to go from “working for money to have your money working for you”.

New Testament Survey
Taught by Trent Cornwell
A panoramic view of the chief events, prominent characters, main themes and salient teachings of each New Testament book in relation to its historical, geographical, and cultural contexts.

Hermeneutics and Baptist Distinctives
Taught by Philip Bassham
A study of the history, principles, and methods of Biblical interpretation. Emphasis is upon the literal, grammatical, and historical methods of interpretation. As well as a study of Biblical, historical, and systematic theology from a Baptist perspective. Attention will be given to those doctrines which are distinctive to Baptist life and theology.

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