Thank God for our missionaries..

As I read the blog post below I thought of how blessed we are to have missionaries around the world reaching people with the gospel. Please imagine this scene with me and think and pray for your friend and missionary Tyler Masters. I left some of the post out to shorten if for you but if you are interested you can go and read it by clicking on his name. Then you can subscribe to his blog which I hope you will do. God bless you Tyler. We thank God for you and look forward to even more great things as the Lord continues to use you.

Well I just read the post again and decided not to shorten it but rather to make the really good stuff bold print. I still think you need to click on his name and subscribe to his blog though.

Last night, we took a group of guys to meet one of our Muslim friends, Mustafa. He made us all feel very welcome in his house as we sat around the “U” shaped couches in his entertaining room eating finger foods and drinking mint tea.

As we ate and drank, we carried on some interesting conversations ranging from politics to religion.

My good friend A, who is a former Muslim, was with us. If you read his blog, you’ll see that he isn’t afraid to engage in intellectual conversations about why Islam is obviously a false religion and how that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the answer.

Because he too is a North African, Mustafa kept coming back to him and wanted him to agree with all of his arguments. A. would not give him that satisfaction, as he continually point out in both Spanish and Arabic why what he was saying was obviously not true.

Mustafa got frustrated at one point and asked, “Did your father force you to pray as a child?” A. said, “Of course not. I was free to examine the evidence if I wanted and come to my own conclusion about whether or not Islam was the true religion of God.” Mustafa sat back and said, “That’s your problem. Your father should have beat you and forced you be become a Muslim.”

He quoted a verse from the Qur’an that says something like, “Teach your child to pray at the age of seven and if he doesn’t do it by the age of ten, beat him until he does it.” How precious! Quite a revealing characteristic of the religion.

A. Just laughed at him, and we all went on with our conversation. As the night came to an end, I asked Mustafa, “If you had a Bible would you read it?” He said, “Absolutely.” So, we’ll be taking him his own copy in Arabic and French soon, and later on we’ll sit down with him and go over what he’s read.

Pray for the Lord to open Mustafa’s eyes to the truth, and pray that the Lord will raise up more North African believers like A. who have the guts to declare the name of Jesus Christ in spite of what it may cost them.

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