God bless you Kristen

I am so proud of our very own Kristen Pearson who is serving God on a short term mission’s trip to Morocco. I read her blog every time she posts and I am watching God grow her every day!

I am going to include one of her posts here and then high light or put in bold something that I think shows a heart in love with God, transparency, and how God is moving in her life.

Kristen, as your pastor, I thank God for you. I am very grateful for how He is working in your life. I am so glad that you got to make this trip.

hird World Time

Third world time is definitely different than time in the states. We were supposed to meet Miriam2 last night at 5. After waiting ten minutes outside the apartment we went back and called her and she said she needed twenty more minutes. Well, before it was over we had waited well over an hour and still no Miriam2.

Ice Cream and Couscous

So I had this random craving for ice cream…hadn’t had it in weeks. We walked to the ice cream shop and on the way this man with his family started talking to us. His English was very good and we spent some time walking around talking to the family. We are going over to their house tomorrow to learn to make couscous. Hopefully we will be able to bring a guy with us to be able to connect with the husband. He is eager to practice his English.

Random Observations of the Day:

The kids as well as the adults are friendly. Within the first minute of meeting the family, these five and six year old girls were offering me a spoonful of their ice creams. of course it was bubble gum flavored, but I was amazed that they were so willing to share.
I am not a people person. I kinda figured that, but this trip has definitely confirmed that. I do not like to meet new people and am perfectly fine with the people that I already know. It takes a daily dying to self and choosing my love for God over my love for self to gather the boldness to meet new people to witness to. I have to admit that the last half of the week I did not always choose God over self. I pray that my love for God would grow to a point that choosing not to talk to people would not be an option.

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