Oh for the Power of God on our Services

Can I ask you to pray before you come to church each time? We are in such desperate need of God to work. I want to see Him show His power. I am begging Him for a spiritual break through in our church. I do not want to be satisfied with what He is doing and has done. We have been blessed no doubt.

He has recently given us two vans to use to pick up people for church. He has blessed our emergency need for the mission’s offering. He has been sending visitors. He is good to us!

There is no doubt that God has already been blessing but I desperately want to see Him do something that only He can get the credit for. I want His power on our church. I am asking Him to save people, to work in our hearts, to do something that will impact the world.

I need His power as the pastor and preacher. I can not be satisfied with my spiritual life. I need you to pray for me. I have been begging Him in a way that I have not done for years over the last 5 days. I ask you to pray also.

The world needs churches that preach the gospel straight and pure. Not a prosperity gospel, not a feel good message but real Bible. But no matter how much we try to be what we should be He has to be the One that puts His power and His hand on it. Will you pray for me and our church?

I want to worship Him and magnify Him. I want something to happen in our church like out of the pages of history. God can. The hindrance is me! I want to beg Him like never before. Please join with me in prayer!

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