God is good!

I just want to praise the Lord for how good He is to us! He blessed the services today. He has given us 2 vans to use to pick people up!

I have the privilege of working with a wonderful staff and pastoring wonderful people. Though I am begging God to do great things that He has done so far I do not want to forget all the great things that He is doing.

It was the weekend of the fourth yet God gave us a good attendance even with all the traveling families. God is good to us! I want to worship and magnify Him and I want to thank each of you that make all of this possible. I know that you work hard, pray hard, and invite people to church and I thank you.

Someone came in the office after church and told me that our church in his opinion was as close to the New Testament church as he could imagine. He felt like Peter and Paul would be comfortable in our church. He said we weren’t full of religiousosity but spirituality.

I was just thanking God for being so good to us!

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