Nothing but Jesus!

Psa 73:25 Whom have I in heaven but thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire beside thee.

How I want this verse to be true in my life! God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, All One and I have no one else in Heaven. I know that to be true! There is none other that has saved me, transformed my life, blessed me so but Jesus!

My problem is that I often want the gifts more than the Giver! There is none upon earth that I desire besides you! I confess that this is not always true in my life but I want it to be. Health is not what I want, money is not what I want, success is not what I want, things are not what I want–I want Him!

I want no one else and nothing else but Him! I told Him today that no matter what He wants that is what I want. I know that I am weak and that I waver and falter but I want this to be true. I want to know Him!

I have allowed this world’s system to get hold of my life. I have allowed even the church world to get hold of my life and desire numbers, success, appearance but today with His help–I only want Him!

Pray for me that I would learn to live desiring the Lord Jesus and His will and nothing nor anyone else.

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