Training for the ministry!

Oswald Chambers trained in a very small school run by a pastor who had only 30 students. The following gives good insight into what I hope that the Our Generation Training Center can be!

The Gospel Training College at Dunoon grew out of his dissatisfaction with the conventional academic approach to ministerial training. On his own (Duncan MacGregor the founder of the school) he assembled a few students, set up some chairs in his small church vestry (office), and began to teach them from his heart and life.

Even in seminaries he felt that the purely academic approach stifled men, instead of igniting them for effective service. He saw a vast difference between teaching and training. The latter, he maintained, combined the discipline of the classroom with the crucible of practical experience, all under a wide guiding hand.

In ministerial training, there should be less of the factory and more of the garden, MacGregor said.

But mere intellectual achievement was never his ultimate goal.

My aim, he said, is not sending forth ministers, but men with prophetic fire–men who cry, Give us souls or we die!

Chambers later wrote in a letter:

The College goes on well. I have great hopes for it, it is on the right lines. It is surely better for young men to be taught and personally influenced by godly men long in the work than to be crystallized to clear cold cultural concerns in a University curriculum.

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