Urgent Prayer Request

The following update is from David Velke. David will be marrying Stephanie Craven in August, Lord willing! Stephanie’s dad is having some major health issues and needs your prayer:

I’m not sure how many of you know what has been going on with Stephanie’s dad but he’s been in the hospital since Friday afternoon and he’s had several x-rays and 2 cat scans and a biopsy for some tumors that they found. There is one on his adrenal gland just above his kidneys, and up to 27 smaller ones on his lungs, his limph nodes are also inflamed (all the tumors are the same just not the same size). They did a biopsy on the largest one (the one on the adrenal gland) the doctor just told us that the large one is cancerous they are going to do another test in just a few minutes to determine if all the tumors are cancerous (they already believe they are). Surgery is not an option because of the extent of the infection.

please pray

Please pray for Stephanie, her family and her dad’s health.

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