World Evangelism Committee Report

It is great to see all that God is doing. I am so very proud of all of you and your willingness to work for the cause and person of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Keep up the good work!

Sunday, June 29th the North American, Europe, Caribbean World Evangelism Committee met for the first time. The members of this committee met to receive information about the purpose of our group.

We started with reviewing the missionaries that are our responsibility:

Wayne Cooke (Church Planter in Middletown, NY)
Jerry Nye (Director of the Caribbean for Macedonia World Baptist Missions)
Ronald Tubillas (Spanish People in America)
Tony Howeth (Deputation Director for Macedonia World Baptist Missions)
Rene Freret (President of Beams Bible International)
David Young (Director of Antioch Printing Ministry)
Travis Snode (Missionary Pastor of Northwest Baptist Church in Northern Ireland)

We outlined the privilege and responsibility we have as member of this W.E.C. Committee. This list is not exhaustive but our 4 areas of ministry that we want to stay focused on.

Create awareness for our missionaries and countries we represent.
– Providing articles for the materials produced internally in our church.
– Displays around the church to keep the church informed about our missionaries.
– Provide an emphasis in our missions conference for our section of the world.
Communicate with the missionaries.
– Read the correspondence from our missionaries.
– Provide information for our missionaries to keep them updated on what we are doing.
Consider opportunities for our church to make an impact in this part of the world.
– Gather information about the major cities and ministries in our area of the world.
– Provide the information to the Executive World Evangelism Committee
Catalyst for future missionaries from our church to these part of the world.
– Pray that God will send people from our church to our section of the world.
– Provide opportunities for short term missions trips to this area.

We will be meeting again on the first Sunday of August. I am very thankful for the desire and willingness of the members of our church to take responsibility for the most important part of our church – the mission of God’s church.

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