latest update on Aaron

Aaron sent out the following update. Please be praying for him!

Well, I am still sitting in the hospital. Yesterday they did a bronchoscopy on my right lung. That’s where they go down there with some lights, a camera, and some tiny tools to cut away at the mucus plug they THOUGHT was in my bronchial tube. Well, when they got down there they found that there IS actually a little mucus but the real problem is that the scar tissue from the previous surgery had completely closed off the main bronchial tube leading to my lower lobe. They can’t “break through” that. They have to cut it out surgically.

So since noon yesterday, now it is noon again, I have been waiting to see the surgeon JUST so he can tell me when he will perform the operation called a “rigid bronchoscopy” and how long the delay will be until I can return to Africa. I am not waiting on him to “do” the procedure but just “tell me” WHEN he will do it. That’s it! Then I get to go home! I asked yesterday why he can’t just CALL me and tell me when he’s going to do it and noooooo. They promised me that would delay the process and just NOT the way things are done. If you can’t tell, I am about to kill somebody and hop on a plane bound for Africa.

PLEASE pray for God to give me patience in this experience as I know He never makes mistakes. I am learning II Cor 12:8-9.

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