Update on Aaron

This is an update from our friend’s blog. Please be praying for him. This is very difficult for him.

Thanks to everyone for praying for me. I was checked into the hospital on Friday and here I still sit. At first they thought I had a Pleural Effussion (infection in the lung wall) then they thought I had a mucus buildup in my bronchial tube causing a Adalectasis (lung collapse). Today when the doctor performed the bronchoscopy they found the real cause: scare tissue from my surgery had blocked my main lung bronchial. So they have to cut it out surgically. I don’t know yet when they’ll do that. The doctor alluded to the idea that it would take me a month to have this surgery and recover from it.

So I at this very moment am in inner anguish. I soooooo wish to be back in North Africa in the work. I don’t cry much but my heart is crying. At the very same time I KNOW that my God is in EVERYTHING in my life. He knows me. He loves me. And he is doing that thing that will work together for His glory and my good.

What is helping me now is to read a book a friend gave me called, “A Path Not Lined With Roses”. It’s the auto-boigraphy of the life of Peter Rumachik and his family. Peter was a Pastor in Russia during the persecution. SOme of the stories of persecution is incredible. It is amazing what they went through for the cause of Christ. But so much more amazing than their persecution were their attitudes through it all. They continued witnessing, planting churches, and loving their persecutors. All in all he spent 20 years in prison while having a wife and kids. God is building people’s faith through extreme difficulties. Mine hasn’t even yet reached that off so many other. If you’re ever going through a rough time read this book and quit feeling sorry for yourself.

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