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I read the blogs of every one that I know that is serving God some where in this world, but I really pay close attention to those that are from our church. Today I just read something so special from Kristen’s blog.

She is over seas serving in North Africa on a short term mission’s trip. She talks about her devotions and I wanted you to take the time to read it! The bold print was added by me for emphasis!

Things I’m learning…
This trip has been great in showing me ways that I can prepare for the future for life in another country. A few things I’m learning…
Personal devotions and prayer life are probably the most important and essential in work away from home. I have heard this a million times back at home, but now I actually realize how important they are. When you go to another country, you see what your devotions and prayers really are. I am thankful for the way that God is showing me these things and causing me to grow in that area.
Not caring vs. Caring. There are things that I need to care about and things that I need to let go and not care about. Things to not care about: my things, my plans for my time, third-world-country things that come up, and the list could go on forever. Things to care about: the city full of Islamic people that have probably never heard the truth about Jesus and what he did for them.

The only thing that I would add is that your devotional life is just as important here as it is anywhere. How much time do you spend with the Lord Jesus in prayer and Bible reading every day?

I would also like to ask you what you are learning every day?

I would also like for you to ask yourself if you have learned what to care about and what not to care about!

Kristen, I am proud of you and the way that God is working in your life!

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