Prayer Requests from South America Committee

Mark sent out the following letter to the South American World Evangelism Committee. Read and pray! Also get involved giving, praying, and working with a group just like this one is. We have place where you can begin serving right now!

We had a great fellowship time with Curtis and Debra Couch this afternoon. I appreciate Amy and Whitney for preparing the food for lunch. It was excellent ladies.

I want to send out the prayer request that Bro. Curtis shared with all of us:

1. Land for the church in Iquique, Chile. It is probably going to cost around $160,000.

2. Land for the church in Mamina. A pentecostal lady has offered to give them a piece of land if they can get it transferred into their name. There is a problem with some squatters on the land right now I believe.

3. A van for their ministry. They have a 1991 thirteen passenger van they can take back to Chile with them but they are not sure that’s the Lord’s will. They ask for wisdom and guidance from the Lord in that situation.

4. Laborers. Pray the Lord will raise up more laborers to help them reach Iquique and Chile with the gospel.

We will also be meeting soon to go over plans for our mission’s trip next year. I am hoping the country of Chile will be part of those plans.

Here to serve,

Mark Coffey

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  1. God is good and very strong to help us so pray for me in the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but using own victim,pray for our grandsons healing of diabetes too and blessing this family thanks and bless,kieeo sweden

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