Exciting Mission’s report!

The following is the report from our South American World Evangelism Committee. If you are not part of one of these groups then I invite you to get with someone and get to be part of a group that is getting very involved in World Evangelism.

This past Sunday the South America World Evangelism Committee had it’s first meeting. We had six people in attendance with five others letting me know they wouldn’t be able to attend that specific meeting but want to be a part. I was able to go over the purpose of our committee of raising prayer support, financial support, and better communication with our missionaries. I introduced them to all the families on our team and encouraged them to contact each of them at least once a month. I also set up an email ring and emailed the contact information and fotos of each of our missionaries. We are really going to focus on the ladies contacting the ladies each month and the men contacting the men.

A mission trip for next summer is already in the works to visit a few of our missionaries. We will probably be going to Bolivia and Chile; Bolivia and Argentina; or Argentina and Chile. This coming month we will be decorating part of a wall that will educate our church people more about South America and our missionaries represented there.

We also made preparation for taking care of the Curtis Couch family, who preached in the services today. We had a great lunch with he and his wife. Please be praying for them as the are in need of land for both of their churches in Chile and for a van they need for the ministry. They are also praying the Lord will send me laborers to help them reach Iquique and Chile with the Gospel.

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