Pray for Aaron

I am not sure how many have heard but our friend Aaron that serves God in North Africa is back in the hospital. He has asked that you be praying.

It appears now that he may have a collapsed lung and will be dealing with that but I have no official word. Here are the notes that he has sent me recently:

This first one I think has been ruled out but you can see his attitude and what he is dealing with!

Looks like I have a Pleural Effussion which is a build up of
infectious fluid between my actual lung and the lining of the lung. I
will have to have a tube stuck in me to drain it and will be in the
hospital up to five days. I am sure that my Lord’s hand is in every
tiny detail of this and is growing my faith through this trial. If
this is as bad as it gets I still couldn’t hold a candle to how low
God has taken so many other men He has used greatly. So I’ll praise
Him in this storm.


I have had a fever the last three days and it looks like I have an infection. I am being admitted back into the hospital for another procedure to drain the fluid that has built up around my lung.

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