More news on McHoyt Moore

The following letter came from one of our missionaries, Josh Ewing. Please read and pray.

Please pray for my former Pastor, McHoyt Moore. He is very sick in the ICU. He was Pastor of Old Suwanee Baptist Church in Buford, GA for over forty years.

this letter was from my mother in law. Thank you for praying, Josh Ewing.

Just want to tell you that Preacher Moore was hospitalized Friday night with Pancreatitis. We got a phone tree message yesterday morning about 11:30 from Pastor Campbell. He said they were going to keep him in the hospital and evaluate him to determine how to treat him.

Then today about 2:00pm (our time on Saturday) we got another

I called Robyn within 15 minutes of receiving the message. She and Doyle were headed for the hospital when I called her. She said that within the hour (since she had set out the message) that he had been put on the ventilator and that it did not look good for him.

She said Pastor Campbell had called them and said they needed to cancel whatever they had planned and go the hospital. She said she would let us know as soon as there was any change in his condition but it really doesn’t sound hopeful.

We will let you know as soon as we know any thing. We did not want to call you at 1:00am but will call you if we hear that he is worse.

WE just need to pray for God’s will and for wisdom for the doctors and hospital staff.

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