Congratulations to Mark and Amy Coffey on 8 years

mark and amy

I am very proud of Mark and Amy and count it a great privilege to work with them. They are two of the finest people that I know on this planet. I love them very much.

Tomorrow is their wedding anniversary. I am not able to do much for them in the way of gifts but I wanted to tell them publicly how much I thank God for them. I want them to know that Vision Baptist would not be what it is if it were not for them.

We love you both. The following is what Mark wrote about his wonderful wife on his blog–read and enjoy:

I want to just take a while and go over why I am able to do what God has called me to do. I say a lot of things about what a 2nd man should be like but I usually put it in the context of what I do as a 2nd man. Well I couldn’t do anything I am able to do if it wasn’t for my 2nd man. This 2nd man is who really teaches me what hard work, sacrifice, determination, loyalty, character, and true love is all about. This 2nd man is who helps me to be what I am today.

My 2nd man isn’t a man at all. She’s a woman, a lady to be more specific. She’s my wife, my best friend, my confidant. Her name is Amy Coffey and she is the greatest woman I have ever known. It really hit me today, as it does on several days, what a great wife, help meet, I really have.

We were dealing with some problems in the church this weekend and as always she was there to step in and help. She comforted the people involved and sacrificed herself, her family, and her time to be where she needed to be in the time of great distress. She has done things like this at any given time since I have known her. She is definitely known at the gates for her good works.

I am glad that I have a wife that always supports me in the decisions I make in the ministry or encourages me when I do things that I am not very comfortable in doing, like preaching.

She always lays her head on my shoulder not realizing that she is really the one holding me up.

When I was 24 years old I stole my pastor’s daughter and married her before her dad could change his mind. What I got 8 years ago tmrw, is so much more than I ever could have imagined. She was a treasure waiting to be spent, and all these years that is al she has done, be spent for others.

I wondered if she would be a good missionary wife and love the people and be willing to spend time with the people. Most people would laugh at that thought now knowing that she is so much better in the ministry than I could ever be. She is a strength to people at all times.

I know I don’t deserve what I have. I know I take advantage of the great gift God has given me. I know that I am the luckiest man in the world. I know that without her I would be a failure. She’s the greatest and most beautiful person I know from the inside out. I pray to God that I never take for granted again what He has given me these past 8 years.

I am privileged to know my children have the greatest mom in the world watching out for them. I am honored to know that my children will learn what the right example is from a mom that follows after God. I am excited to know that I still have the greatest partner in the world working with me in the ministry.

I love You Amy and I want you to know that I love You with all my heart. I am glad you are my 2nd man.

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