God is so good!

After reading the last posts I got notes from several missionaries telling me to cut their support or hold it until we were able to catch up! Chris Gardner was the first to respond, then Jason Holt and Jeremy Hall. Someone else may have responded not really sure but it is alright for now.

God blessed tremendously in the morning offering. I told Betty to give what we really didn’t have to give because I knew that I wanted us to sacrifice for the cause of world missions.

Then after services I waited almost breathlessly in my office for the morning report. Our attendance took a pretty severe hit to some of the lowest we have had in a long time, 97 in Sunday School and 114 in church.

But then I looked at the mission’s offering–$3,889.00. Over $2,000 more than what we had to have to send the checks tomorrow. God is so good. There may even be more to come in tonight.

Now that gives us a good start on being ready for the next mission’s checks that will have to be sent out in a month. God is so, sooo good!

I just wanted you to rejoice with us! I know some of you sweated the offering and prayed with us and so I had to immediately tell you about God’s goodness. Praise the Lord!

3 thoughts on “God is so good!”

  1. God gave us our very lives and provides what we need.

    If he gives you extra and you don’t use it for furthering his cause, it’ll likely just get blown on things you’ll be trying to sell later on ’cause you’ll have realized you didn’t need them in the first place and don’t have a place to store it.

    I learned that the Muslims are commanded to give 10% of their SAVINGS annually because they are not using it and it’s just sitting in some account somewhere. It’s a shame (hashuma) to think that some cult does more than we are sometimes willing to. Next time I feel like holding back I’ll just think of all those huge new temples being built to spread Islam and perhaps that will provide the necessary motivation.

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