Worth it

I have been praying about our mission’s budget. We need $1,384.62 a week to make our normal budget and here we are right before the last Sunday before we have to mail the checks and are $1,800 short.

I was praying and asking God what to do and here comes a letter from our own missionary Travis Snode on his blog. God saved someone. What a blessing. It is worth it when we give to missions. Read this and pray for our missionaries.

Last night one of the young ladies who attends our church repented of her sins and placed her faith in Christ to save her after the youth club! The club is slowly growing. We have 6-7 teenagers who come every Friday to the youth club. Pray for Tanya, and pray for God to continue to work in the lives of all the young people who come to our church.

Also, we had a nice time at an informal BBQ with some of our neighbours today. It was great to get to know them and to enjoy some good food together.

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