We have a van!

Vision Baptist Church has its first church van. The purchase was finished yesterday. John informed me that it is our now. We have to move it to a shop and get a catalytic converter put on it. It is so loud that John wants to have a wrecker move it.

We got a good deal, special blessing from God, price on the van. After getting a few repairs we will need to get it painted or wrapped with the church info on it. Then we will be on the road.

I know several of you work very hard to pick up children and make several trips. Well we now have our first van of many other buses and vans that will come. It is exciting to see how God has been working in our church in these short 2 or 3 years.

I am so glad that we are able to reach out and minister to our community with the gospel message of Jesus Christ. God bless each of you and thank you Lord Jesus for your blessings on us!

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