Special answer to prayer

This has been, as far as I know, our lowest month ever in our Faith Promise Mission’s offering. I was quite concerned and spent extra time praying about it this morning. I do not want to have to drop any missionaries. I really want to see us doing more for mission’s than ever.

I was just praying and begging God to do a miracle this very morning. I then got a call from the church office, Mark Coffey, telling me that we had received a special thank you note from a Christian brother from Canada who attended our church last year.

He wanted to thank us for our Southern hospitality. He sent a check for $1,000. He said to use it where ever we most needed it. Praise God it is going straight into our mission’s account! I hope I hear you saying amen!

God is so good. He knows what we need it even before we do and touched our friend, Joel’s heart to send the check before my special prayers this morning.

Did you know that we serve a prayer hearing and prayer answering God!

That offering won’t get us all the way over the hump but it is a good start and I will trust God to send in the rest in the next 9 days.

Thank you Lord Jesus for allowing this special answer to prayer to come today!

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