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I had some crazy experiences today.

My friend and her niece invited us back to her house (more like mansion, no joke) for lunch. I thought something was up when they sent their personal security guard to pick us up. Who has personal security guards?? Well, their house was the nicest house I think I have ever been in. They gave us a tour of the house and showed us how to make mint tea. We talked for a while and swam in their pool until lunch was ready.

For lunch we had the traditional Friday dish, tajine (couscous with meat and vegetables) and we also had leben. If you don’t know what that is, it is milk that was been unrefrigerated for about three days so that it is sour and thick. I had been warned about it, so I decided to have a open mind about tasting it. Honestly, the first sip wasn’t so bad. kinda like liquid sour cream with a terrible aftertaste. Well, it doesn’t get any better after the first sip. All of the girls were watching Maria and I taste it, so we told them that it was good and tasted like yogurt…haha, right. So, they poured us another glass each! I drank half of it and was wondering if I could get away with it, looked around and saw empty glasses, so down went the other half. I’m glad I tried it though. Wouldn’t care to taste it again though.

So our “lunch” ended up lasting five hours. We had tea again and talked. There were lots of distractions and never really a good time to talk to my friend about our previous conversation, but it was a productive day. I hope that we will be able to develop a relationship with her so that she will be more receptive when we do have opportunity to talk.

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