Exciting opportunity needing your prayer

I am going to be allowed to put a 30 minute a day program on the television station in Peru, Lord willing. I just recorded the first 4 programs today. The guys there will have to put an intro and outro on there but the preaching is done.

It isn’t the best but it is a wonderful chance for me to be able to preach to the people that I love so much and miss in Peru. I will also be posting them on google video so that other people around the world will be able to watch. I hope you will be praying for me.

I still have to preach tonight and my throat and body are still a little tired. I am trying to kind of rest up and get focused tonight.

Lord willing in the next few days I will begin recording a radio program as well for here in the states. We have a friend who owns a radio station and is going to let us put the program on there.

I want to use every tool that God gives us as a church to get His message out to the world.

I started on I Peter today preaching in Spanish using the outlines from our church. I loved it. I really didn’t realize how beautiful the messages were because of the Scripture that they come from–not me or my preaching of course.

Any way I would like to ask your prayers. Another thing is that they are trying to get people to take on the TV station for $30 a mont and cover one hour of programming costs. I will be using about 10 hours a month and if God works in people’s hearts I am hoping that at least 10 will take on the station and help cover the broadcasting costs of my program.

I will be taking it on personally for $30 but that is all that I can do. If you are interested in doing that just send your check to Vision Baptist Missions, P O Box 442, Alpharetta, GA 30005 and mark it for the TV Ministry.

If you decide to support the TV Ministry then they will send you a certificate and more information. Just drop me a note in the comment section below and we will be glad to get your help.

God bless each of you

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