Happy Father’s Day

I want to wish all of you men a very special Happy Father’s Day. One of the greatest joys of my life is being a dad. I will never forget the day that, Chris, our firstborn came into this world. I will never ever forget what I felt like as each of our children were born.

It has been a lot of responsibility, work, pressure, pleasure, joy, and excitement being a dad. I would change lots of things about me if I could go back. I would have spent more time with my kids, been more patient, maybe not so demanding, disciplined with more love and less anger, and a thousand things but I think that every thing over the years with my kids has been a joy.

I thank God for the people He allowed us to have marry into our family. I thank God for Andria, David, Julio, and Katie. I thank God for 10 wonderful grandchildren and one on the way. I have been blessed.

I thank God for my dad and all that he taught me over the years. I learned to work and work hard. I learned to focus on what I was doing and not let anyone get me off track. I learned character because he was filled with it. I learned to love and serve God. I thank God for my dad today.

I thank God for my father in law. He was probably the best gentleman that I ever met. I think of him all the time when I am in an uncomfortable situation and need to know how to act. I think of him when I need to dress appropriately. I think of him every time I consider that he raised the most wonderful daughter ever.

I thank God for so many of you that I have seen working so hard to raise your children for the honor and glory of God. I watch you come to church leading your family. I watch you pray for them and work to train them to be men and women of character. I want you to know that I love and respect you.

What a privilege that God allowed us to be dads. What an awesome responsibility! How much do we need God’s direction and help to fulfill the role that He has given us to play.

Before I finish this post I thought that I would turn real personal right now. I am dad to a bunch of people. Some in the ministry think of me as a spiritual dad and I can think of no greater honor. Some of them are in Peru and others are in different parts of the world and I want to acknowledge the great privilege that I have had to know each of you and work with you. You are a blessing from God to me and I love everyone of you.

Then I thank God for allowing Betty and me to have 4 children that are serving Him today. Chris and Andria have 3 children–Jacob, Hannah, and Andrew and they are serving God in Peru as Church Planters with a TV ministry, Bible College and he serves as the Spanish South American Director for Macedonia World Baptist Missions.

Stephanie and David Young have 5 children–Philip, Dave, Ronnie, Andrew, and Matthew and the one to be born. David serves as the assistant pastor of Antioch Baptist Church and the director of a tremendous printing ministry Antioch Printing that is getting the gospel and materials around the world by the millions of pieces.

Joy and Julio Soncco have 2 children–Benjamin and Lelia and serve in Arequipa, Peru as missionaries out of our church. He serves as Chris Gardner’s assistant and carries much of the administrative load for the ministry there.

David and Katie are missionaries with Macedonia World Baptist Missions and will be starting the Circuit Riding ministry in Arequipa. This is a very needed ministry to get to many people that have no gospel witness to speak of.

I am thankful to God for being a dad. I am thankful to God for all that He has done in my life. If I die today I die a rich man. Thank God for all that He has done.

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