A special thank you

I wanted to give a very special thank you for a very special Father’s Day. My parents were able to come to the house and gave a very nice “money” gift! That is always nice and needed. My mother in law sent a nice card with a check and called!

My wife and kids got me one of the most expensive gifts anyone has ever gotten me. They got me some noise canceling Bose headphones. Nice, nice! They will be great on all my trips.

My daughter in Peru called, my two sons here came over for lunch, I got some special thank you emails even from Peru, very kind posts were written on blogs, What can I say–I have been super treated all day.

I also have a church that has been so kind to me and I do not know how to thank you but to say that we really love you and thank all of you.

God is so good, I could not imagine a different life style than this one–that of serving the Lord Jesus with all of my heart.

I just thought that I would say a special thank you.

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