Pray for Scott Newton

Be sure and click here to read about Scott Newton. He is being transferred to another hospital and they have a heart specialist who will try to solve his problem.

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  1. I just talked to Scott on the phone. He is now at Crawford Long Hospital and will be at least until Monday. He is waiting the arrival of a specialist and then an MRI on Monday. They will decide from there what to do for his condition. Please be praying for him

  2. Latest news on Scott from Trent Cornwell

    Spent some time with Scott yesterday.
    He is scheduled for MRI on Monday and Tuesday an abiluation, which means they go in and find he faulty part of his sin and burn it. Then it will scar and stop sending out the signal that causes he heart to race.
    His heart was at almost 200 beat a minute when he went to ER. It stayed there for quite some time.

  3. Dear Praying Friends,

    We have two urgent prayer requests regarding our two sons. Chris, who is in the Air Force, has some kind of bacteria or parasite, in his blood and will begin treatment today to kill it. It is supposed to have painful side effects. He will also have a fluoroscopy on Thursday for a hiatal hernia. They suspect that he will need surgery for this, but don’t know for sure yet.

    Our son Scott, who is in Atlanta preparing to be a missionary to South Africa, was taken to the hospital on Friday. He has been diagnosed with a rare condition for someone at his age. He has ventricular tachycardia. They performed an MRI today to rule out a congential defect. Tomorrow morning they plan to perform a procedure called an Ablation. They will run a catheter from his leg up to his heart and burn the part of his heart that is giving the wrong electric charge. If everything goes alright, he will be discharged later in the day. This procedure should fix the problem.

    Also, Aura is preparing to have surgery on her ear July 8th. She will be hospitalized for 3-4 days after the surgery.

    We would really appreciate your prayers!!

    The Newtons
    Quinta Pires Marques, Rua do Bom Fim
    Lte. 252, R/C, Dtº, Trás
    6000 Castelo Branco

  4. Kelli talked to Melissa today and she asked her to let everyone know that Scott’s MRI confirmed what they doctors thought was wrong with Scott–I think something called ventricular tachycardia. He will have the ablation tomorrow to correct the problem. She thanked everyone for the prayers.

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