World Evangelism

What do we mean by the term “evangelize!” I believe that it is Biblically incorrect to state that we are going to win the world for Christ or win a city!

First the Bible indicates that that will never happen!

Secondly, we can be faithful in the “process” or doing the work but only God can deliver the “product” or actually save or win anyone!

In spite of this I speak constantly of evangelizing the world in our generation. What do we mean by that!

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary says that evangelize means: To instruct in the gospel; to preach the gospel to, and convert to a belief of the gospel; as, to evangelize heathen nations; to evangelize the world.

As I use the term when we speak of evangelizing the world it would mean that we will be responsible to get the gospel to the world. We will not convert them but we will preach or announce the gospel to them.

When I say that we want to evangelize the world in our generation what I mean is to get a gospel preaching church planted within the reach of every people. To get the gospel where they will hear and have to reject.

The way it is currently is that the majority of the world doesn’t have a church that preaches the gospel within reach or even trying to reach them. Many parts of the world are without any true gospel witness via television, radio, church, or anything.

Please understand that I do not consider the “prosperity gospel” to be the true gospel. I do not believe that much of the feel good preaching that goes on in the USA or around the world is the true gospel.

We must work until there is a church in every area that is attempting to get the gospel to those that have never heard.

So we will not win the world but we would like to warn them. We will not save all but we will try to get the message to them about one who can save. I think it is our Biblical responsibility to get the gospel where they can hear it and then it is up to God to convict them and them to respond.

The sad reality is that the majority of the world does not have anyone preaching to them. I ask you to pray and help us to do all in our power to send men and women across the globe to preach the gospel and plant gospel preaching, practicing churches.

2 thoughts on “World Evangelism”

  1. Hermano, leer esto me hizo estar otra vez en su oficina, cuando Ud. nos reunia y hablaba de ganar el mundo en nuestra generación yo pienso que si es posible, si todos tomamos nuestras Biblias y salimos a ganar almas.

  2. Estoy de acuerdo hermano. Dios tiene grandes planes para nosotros y espero que los cumplimos. Mi deseo es hacer todo en mi poder para motivar, preparar, y enviar gente a todos lados del mundo

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