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Scott Newton went to the emergency room and is not being kept for the night. He has some problems with his heart–tachycardia! Everything is under control but the doctors want to study him some more and see if it can be controlled with medicine or what. Please pray for him.

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  1. Mariangela sent the following email late last night:

    Scott has to stay overnight at the hospital. They are monitoring him and they are doing an ultrasound on his heart to show if there is any blockage. Melissa said that everything is alright but they still need to run some tests. She is planning to be back at the hospital around 8:30 in the morning so she is spending the night at our place since their house is a bit far and she’d be by herself. Just please pray that he will be better in the morning.

  2. We have not heard any news on the blood work and ultra sound results. They are transferring him right now to a hospital in Midtown.(Emory Crawford Long) There they have a really good cardiologist that will determine if he needs a procedure done or if it can be fixed with medication. They will probably keep him there for a few days a monitor him.
    Thanks for your prayers.


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  4. My family really needs prayer on my mother side and my father side.It is to much to even talk about but I need the Lord to heal the family as a whole

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