Craving things!

The following is one paragraph from an article that you need to read by Doug Kutilek. Click here to read the entire article. It is something to think about. How much have we allowed a desire for money to drive our lives. How much do we hunger for ourselves. Read it and give me your opinions.

The problem is not with riches; the problem is with ourselves. We assume that all that we earn, all that we acquire, and all that we obtain (after taxes, naturally) is ours, ours, OURS! Sure, we say, “I’ll tithe, but don’t ask me to sacrifice. I’ve earned my Beamer. I deserve that second house in the mountains, those annual trips to Hawaii.” (Or, to bring it down closer to our level, “I deserve that new Pontiac, that larger house on an acreage in the country, that expensive seven-day cruise.”) The tragedy is that we most often go over our heads and ears in debt to gratify our craving for things and end up enslaved to our creditors, so stressed out over debts that we cannot enjoy those things we expected would bring us happiness. And all too often churches, missionaries, and various underfunded and overburdened Christian ministries with genuine and immediate financial needs struggle along with pressing responsibilities, handicapped because American Christians with more than enough heap self-indulgence upon self-indulgence.

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