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The following letter is from a dear brother in Christ that loves the Lord Jesus and is being greatly used to get the gospel to Muslims all over the world. You will see in his letter that he is asking for prayer. I ask you to be in prayer for him. He is the one gets the contacts for our friends in North Africa.

Dear Prayer Partners in Christ,

A quick update on the Cyber Attack and our Server.

It seems that the “Jihad” (Holy War), the non-official 6th pillar of Islam, is now targeting the Internet. We are finding out that we were not the only ministry that got attacked maliciously. Several other ministries experienced the same. It seems that Satan is realizing that his grip on the Arab and Islamic world is slipping because of the power of the Gospel being broadcasted extensively through the Internet within the Arab and Islamic world.

I quote verbatim another ministry’s update:
“The problem is that even when with difficulty [we] succeed to locate one IP that is attacking, then there is another and then another. Even after blocking them the attacks keep overloading our server. So blocking the attacking servers is not enough. We have to write to the host of the attacking server and request them to shut down their server. Often the owners of these servers are not aware. They too are victims. This is very much like when they hijacked our planes to hit our buildings. I wonder what we would do if they install several servers in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for the sole purpose of attacking us.

Since each time, they manage to shut us down for several days, all they have to do is to intensify their efforts and make these attacks more regular to shut us down indefinitely. Considering the number of jihadis that are adamant to stop us, it is very doable. If each server hacked can shut us down for three days until we locate it, request its host to shut it down and they do it, all our enemy needs to shut us down completely is hack a hundred servers and activate one as soon as we block one. We must think of something to do. This threat is serious. Now that they know they can shut us down for one week each time, they may plan for something big.”

The above describes exactly what we are experiencing. Our server was down for almost 15 days; I personally never felt as much pressure, oppression, and frustration in the ministry as during these days. I was very much comforted by many of you who emailed and assured us they were praying and standing with us in supplication and fasting. I even received emails from people whom I never met, and came to find out that our prayer request has been spreading from one prayer circle to another.

Thank you! I never felt the importance of prayer from fellow believers as much as during this time. What a privilege we have to intercede before the throne of grace for one another.

During this second round of attack, the Lord has blessed us with Brother John C. who is also a pastor of an Arabic Baptist Church. He happened to be very knowledgeable in this area, and has contacts with Internet Forensic Security experts. Many late nights were spent emailing/chatting with him for needed advice and guidance, time which he sacrificed from his busy schedule. We ended up sending our hard drive to the forensic experts for analysis and we trust something will come up to put a stop to these attacks. .

In the meantime, we had to change our IP yet a second time. This gives us a window of 3 weeks (this is how long it took between the first and second attack) before they find out about our change and start attacking again.

Prayer Requests:

Once again, we urge you to pray for us. Pray for protection, wisdom, guidance as we seek to find another Data Center with a more robust infrastructure to host our server.
The attacks not only affected our time, labor, and schedule, but also brought expensive costs to cover consultations and work on our computer hardware. Pray that the Lord will meet those needs and will help us recover from these attacks.

Thank you once again for your prayer support and for your encouraging emails.

In His Grip,

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