Serving the forgotten

The following video comes from Pastor Alonso Montenegro at the Faith Baptist Church in Arequipa, Peru. This is the church where Chris and Andria Gardner also work. They are having a Day of Service where they look for the forgotten and try to love them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In this video they went to an Old Folks Home and you will see them ministering to the people. What a sweet spirit. Also in the video if you watch close you will see one of our members Micah Smith serving along with them.

I pray that God will allow our church to have a ministry like this. Watch and praise the Lord for a ministry that your church has part in. Also pray that God will allow us to do things like this.

2 thoughts on “Serving the forgotten”

  1. It is amazing to see all that God is doing there. We are so grateful God allowed us to see the ministry in Peru first hand. Praise the Lord for willing workers and sweet spirits. We are praying for the people and the ministry to continue growing in the years to come.

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