Please pray for the folks at Victory Baptist in Loganville

A tragedy has taken place at Victory–one of their young people drowned yesterday. Thank God he had a strong testimony and though they have yet to find his body the family testifies that they know where he is. I can not imagine losing one of my children or grandchildren. I wanted to ask you to pray because they are a sister church and we hurt when they hurt. Here is the latest article on the subject and a link so you can keep up with them and be praying!

Church, I’d never thought I’d use my blog to share this kind of information with you, but as many of you may already have heard, our own Eric Hill of Loganville, Ga went to be with the Lord this afternoon after a swimming accident in a local rock quarry lake.

I have been at the scene since early on and have been with Eric Hill’s father, Mark Hill assisting where possible. Please do not assume that everything you might hear is accurate. Because they are still investigating the situation, many details are not allowed to be shared. I plan on being with Mark for a good while tonight (along w/Bro. Chad and Bro. Patrick) if not all night and will keep you updated throughout tomorrow via this blog and the church prayer line (770.466.4040)

As of 10:15 PM Tuesday, June 10th, they have not recovered Eric’s body and have suspended the search till tomorrow morning with dive teams from Social Circle and Rockdale County. Please be praying for Eric’s parents, family and friends during this time.

One of the things that Mark shared with me within minutes of hearing the news was, “Well, we sure know where he’s at, don’t we?” Of course many of you know that Eric Hill was a very godly young many and a role model to many of our young people at Victory Baptist Church. Eric had been attending Victory since he was three or four years old. It was because of a bus ministry at Victory Baptist Church that Eric Hill came to church and heard about how Christ can save our soul and give us eternal life. Eric’s testimony was impeccable and this will no doubt impact our church in an incredible way.

At this point that is all I can share right now. As details unfold tomorrow and as I’m allowed, I will post more information here. Some of the things you can pray specifically for are as follows:

For comfort to the Hill family and a peace that passeth all understanding.
For the friends who are so close to Eric.
That God will get glory throughout this whole situation.
That those ministering to the family will be the right encouragement at the right time.
That souls will be saved as a result of this loss.
We all love Eric dearly and are going to miss him greatly, but for those of us who are saved, we WILL see him again.
If anyone, friends or family, who might be reading this off the internet and would like someone to talk to or counsel with, please do not hesitate to call Victory Baptist Church at 770.466.4040.

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